Difference between Cigarette and Electronic Cigarette

Hon Lik invented the electronic cigarette because of his father – who died due to lung cancer. Lung cancer is the most common type of disease that kills millions of people every year all over the world. Is it really an effective alternative to the traditional cigarette?

The difference of cigarette and e-cigarette

Aside from the physical difference, these two greatly varies on how the smoke is produced. In traditional cigarette, the lighter is used to burn the solid nicotine and other associated dangerous chemical then turn these into smoke. The resulting smoke can harm the smoker’s body due to the cancer-causing elements and other harmful chemical compounds that it contains. On the other hand, electronic cigarette only uses a liquid solution that contains nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. When the user puffs the electronic cigarette, the heating device starts to work by vaporizing the liquid solution. As a result, it will produce an aerosol or vapor. This smoke is only a water vapor and won’t cause any health problems to the users.

The traditional cigarette contains up to 4000 harmful chemical products and 43 of these are cancer-causing elements. While the electronic cigarette doesn’t use tobacco and has only two carcinogens: diethylglycol and TSNA. In terms of usage, cigarette needs heat so you can use it, while you only need a rechargeable battery for the electronic cigarette.

Another essential difference of these two is the pollution that they cause. The cigarette is known to cause lung cancer to secondhand smokers. The secondhand smokers are people who inhale smoke given off by burning tobacco product or exhaled by the direct smokers. Moreover, the environment is also affected due to the carcinogens and toxic carbon dioxide gas found in cigarettes.


Due to the positive aspects of electronic cigarettes, many people and organizations are encouraging people to use this. They impart essential information regarding its usage through meetings and events. They even give coupon codes to people who participated containing discounts and freebies.

Can electronic cigarette help smokers quit?

It is still unclear whether electronic cigarette can help smokers quit or not. There are still not enough data and research studies to evaluate its usage. Some people believe that it can lower nicotine cravings and encourage smokers to discontinue smoking cigarettes. However, others think that it’s possible for the product to affect nicotine addiction.


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