Some Do’s of Upholding Internet Rights

Everyone has Internet rights, but apparently, not many people know that they do. This is sad, because today is supposedly the age of information, and yet when it comes to the kind of information that’s truly essential for protection and privacy, people easily compromise with it.

Thus, this is what usually happens. People go online, let’s say to do some shopping, in online shops like Lazada and Zalora. They visit sites which they don’t bother to verify, give away information so that they could supposedly avail of special discounts, and then they find out they were actually scammed. But then it’s too late. They’ve given away their credit card information, their addresses, all the names of their family members, and other information which was supposedly irrelevant to the purchase being made.

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So What Must You Do?

There are a few things you must learn to do. It will take a lot of self-discipline, but with enough practice you can master all of these things.

First, you have to use the internet responsibly. Always evaluate whether the information being asked for is totally relevant to what you intend to do online. (Is your mother’s name needed for you to buy running shoes?) Also, exercise the same responsibility when dealing with others’ information. If you see private information being shared on online platforms, do not share it irresponsibly.

Second, when arranging a meet-up (when you’re claiming a product through in person, but you bought the product through an online process), be sure to never meet that person alone. Arrange for a friend or a family member to be with you during the meet-up. Or if no one else is available, tell everyone important to you about your whereabouts and location.

If the Internet is good for anything, it’s for communicating with loved-ones whom you don’t get to see and be with very often. Learn to maximize this use of the Internet, and remember to appreciate the fact that through it, you can reach so many people and strengthen authentic relationships.


  1. Well, Internet Rights is also a basic right for everyone. Though not really observed, most advocates have been pursuing this right to the extreme.

  2. Florida /

    Well, expressing your own opinion is a right too. LOL

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