How to Secure Online Privacy

With the rise of technological advancement also came the need to share more and more information. To the individual who thinks this is of little consequence, this issue is probably not worth talking about, and so this person goes on to mindlessly give whatever information the web asks for. The unfortunate thing is, what happens when you find out that your information has been used for very wrong purposes? What if you are wrongfully involved in a crime just because you didn’t read the fine print?

Hence, the valuable lesson: learn to keep your identity and valuable information secure, especially with the Internet today. It’s important to learn how to preserve your consent for the very important matters, the very important apps, and not simply to click ‘agree’ on everything that you see before you. Here are a few tips to secure your privacy online.

Online Privacy

Securing Your Online Privacy

Be wary of the apps that you download. Sure, it’s all fun and games to you, and you might think these applications are just there to provide you with something to do in your leisure time. But here’s the thing: there are some apps that ask access to more information than necessary. If you think that some information is no longer relevant for the app to run, then maybe you can decide against downloading it, lest you end up giving too much away.

If you’re using a phone or a tablet, set a strong passcode. Do not take the issue of the passcode lightly. Take it seriously and set a passcode that everyone else would find extremely difficult to discover. It would be a nightmare to find out that all your information has been hacked from your device and all because your phone got stolen and your passcode was a literal 1234. You don’t deserve that trouble, so make sure that your passcode is a well-kept secret.

Be careful when using public Wi-Fi networks. If you’re the kind who enjoys the internet privilege at coffee shops, or airports, or other public areas, then this is something you’re going to have to re-evaluate. Accessing the Internet over public areas makes you very vulnerable to hackers.

So remember to keep your information as secure as possible. Even when you shop online, when all you’re concerned about is scoring those much-needed special discounts, your privacy is still of great importance. Take care.

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  1. Most people who fall victim to privacy issues on the internet are kids and very old people. This is because these age group usually do not know how to move about the net.

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